'Akhaldans’ Winter Festival. January to March 2010
A few more steps on our journey to inaccessible places
This year, as the Earth began its slow turn toward longer days, we searched for the still point within. Gathered in Goa, through Work and dance, with laughter and the jarring shock of truth, sharing, containing, watching, we reached for what seems so close, then again distant.

At the still point of the turning world,
Neither flesh, nor fleshless
Neither from, nor towards
At the still point… There the dance is.
But neither arrest, nor movement.
And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered
Neither movement from, nor towards
Neither ascent nor decline
Except for the point…the still point
There would be no dance…
And there is only the dance.

                        --TS Eliot
Stepping out of the intense community of the three 4th Way workshops and one advanced Transactional Analysis script workshop, Akhaldans participants ventured onto the beaches and into the marketplace to challenge our ability to stay centered, present to the music, the movement and ourselves while aware of the outside world and the on-lookers conversation. “What are they worshipping? Hey Man, it’s just an ipod!”
Two more formal public demonstrations of Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances were presented for the first time in Goa, announcing the presence of a 4th Way School for those ready to begin or continue their own journey.
Work projects create friction, laughter, beauty, great food and clean floors and dishes - all requirements for those who wish to share in the creation of a learning environment that will challenge their automatics and clear their conditioning. Freedom requires practice.
On this Path, those with more knowledge reach back to take the hands of those who wish to follow, for now, in their footsteps. For a time we all walk together, each learning from each.
Though each seeker’s journey is his or her own, 4th Way Work recommends a group to reflect and support and a guide to ensure we don’t get too far off the path. Hafiz describes the kind of guide that doesn’t sermonize or lay down rules, rather leading by compassionate example and presence. He called this ‘Elegance’. In Akash, we have such a teacher.

It is not easy to stop thinking ill
of others.
Usually one must enter into
a friendship
With a person who has accomplished
That great feat herself.
Then something might start to rub off
on you of that True Elegance

                           --- Hafiz
Participants’ Sharing

From Judy

I was really ready to be in those classes and I was energized and thrilled by the energy and the sharing I felt in the 10 day intensive. I miss it, and I feel a little poorer for not being able to participate on an ongoing basis. Akash is a clear-sighted and compassionate teacher. The inner shift I experienced in her classes has left a lasting impression on my soul, and I hope to be back soon to get another jump-start on my journey.

From Komal

On 15 January 2010, I was preparing to go to Goa. My friends said to me: you really have it set. You are off to Goa. Holidaying and partying! I told them I am going for Work. They enquired, puzzled: a seminar? A conference?

“No, I’m going to Work… Work on self, in a group in the presence of my guide, a compassionate, loving, laughing teacher.” They were slightly disbelieving of the validity of that as ‘work’!

At Akhaldans, Goa …..

Going within ~ Touching inner spaces – Vibrating cells of memory, association, letting go - invitation to live here now - making a choice ~ Discussions, feedback, roleplays and reflections ~ The Yes’es, the No’s, the I Don’t Do That Anymore, Oh Definitely Not Me songs

Celebrations ~ birthday idiots ~ breakfasts at dolphin rendezvous ~ food for thought, heart and lip smacking balchaos ~

Dancing in the workshop space ~ dancing in the market place ~ beach movements and coconut trees laughing with wind in the Thalassa performance. ~ Eight to dawn marathon

Painting, cascading suns and healing waves ~ Fire flowers and giggling frogs ~ My being and my hands that touch a thousand lives that touch mine. Painting with love and realness. Teaching, sharing, learning the dance of living in the world and not being of it and participating in the processes of my life. Searching for the stillpoint on this journey to inaccessible places.


Laughter has begun
Its joyful ringing
In my heart’s ears.

This joy, this color
Of Being, of dance
Of searching and seeing.

The search for an I
Integrated, whole
Breath breathing oneness.

One with myself
In this time and space
I am here.

I hear millennia
Of teachers laughing, singing
Showering Subhan Allah
Flowers on the gathering.
- I Am.