MEDITATION :: Meditations from the World of Osho


Dynamic Meditation

Recommended to be done in the morning, this method is a powerful way to kick-start your day. It provides an outlet for tension and withheld emotions as well as being a great energy-booster! Includes chaotic breathing, emotional catharsis, sufi sounds & energy work, stop! and free dance.

Kundalini Meditation

Known as the "sister meditation" to Dynamic, recommended to be done in the evening, this method is a gentle yet effective way to release all the accumulated stress of your day. Includes shaking , free dance, listening to music, & silence.

Nataraj Meditation

Dance, giving it all you have got, is an easy and natural way to turn in. Release your body from the chains of unfreedom. Dance until you are exhausted, then rest & watch in silence.

Nadabrahma Meditation

A sitting method, in which humming and hand movements create an inner balance and stillness. Based on an ancient Tibetan technique, the humming is like a deep inner resonanance with the universe.

Gaurishankar Meditation

A night meditation, which includes a breathing technique, gazing softly at a light and gentle body movements.

No Mind Meditation

A method of release using sound and body movement, Gibberish [nonsense language] has been described by as "one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind."
It is followed by a guided relaxation into a state of complete let-go.

Mandala Meditation

A powerful centering technique, that energises and balances the root chakra, hara, & third eye centers. Includes jogging, swaying to music, & awareness of third eye.

No Dimensions Meditation

A structured, hypnotic, centering process, based on Gurdjieff movements. Includes an exchange of loving energy with the universe, sufi sounds, breathwork, & whirling.

Chakra Sounds Meditation

An exploration of the connection between the vibrations of energy centers of the subtle body, & music.

Chakra Breathing Meditation

A process of cleansing & re-vitalising the energy centers of the subtle body, & exploring your relationship with breath.

Vipassana Meditation

Silent sitting and watching your breath. Walking with awareness of the present moment.

Laughing Buddha Meditation

Experiencing the wonder of laughing , for no reason at all, & finding a silent space within.

Chakra Dance Meditation

Exploring the different energy centers of the subtle body, through movement and music.