Aura-Soma: You are the colors you choose…

A unique healing system, that brings together the therapeutic effects of colours, essential oils, & crystals , & works through their impact on the subtle energy body, the aura & the chakra system.

A non intrusive therapy, based on the biological response to color. It is complete in itself, & also complements other natural healing systems Color, supported by the energies of plants & crystals, is applied to the body, & helps to restore, revitalise, & rebalance the subtle energy field. We recommend a consultation to help you interpret the meaning of your intuitive color selection.

This includes a tarot linked interpretation.

Reiki - The Healing Touch

This is an ancient form of touch healing, that supports the natural ability of the body, to heal itself.

Reiki is a simple technique of channeling the Universal life force energy, or Prana, & allowing it to flow through the disease afflicted parts of the human energy field, charging it with positive energy.

Essentially a self healing system, it can also be used to treat others.

Reiki facilitates healing at physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels, induces deep relaxation, cleanses the body of toxins, strengthens the immune system, increases intuitive awareness, & promotes a general sense of well being.