The year …2003…4…5… The Urban Scenario… Human beings, at home, & at work, embalmed in buildings designed for computers -windowless, oxygen scarce, humming electronic nests… Bodies, armored & chained, constrained by couch, desk & chair…locked into unnatural ways of being…

We seem to have concentrated on the successful appearance of things, & created marvels of technological expertise…while our inner world of meaning often droops & languishes, due to starvation of the roots of who we are…

We have not met our selves, & often project our un-met selves upon those whom we encounter, & become screens for the projections of others

No wonder, then, that we have a dying earth, going hand in hand with the epidemic spread of diseases of stress & dissociation- Cancer, Heart disease, Arthritis, Back problems, Depression, Violence, Burn out…

Isn't it time we did something about all this? To heal our own fragmented selves, & our planet?

What can we do?

A good place to start is by getting back in touch with our own selves…learning to listen to our bodies… owning our feelings, Expressing feelings in a healthy way, & becoming aware of our deepest needs.

As we gently bring ourselves out of the vicious cycle of stress, into a state of relaxed awareness, we are able to re claim our personal strength , personal power, & sense of wellness.