CORPORATE TRAINING :: Experiential Lab


2-day intensive exploration of self.

An introduction to an experiential understanding of yourself
Helps to delve deep into the psyche, to look at the mirror of the soul. Helps to break through some of the masks that we wear, leaving us with a greater clarity about our life… goals… mistakes…blocks…solutions…fears… relationships…
The process involves a direct confrontation with oneself in a safe group environment.

  • Helps to build a sense of trust in self

  • Helps to build a sense of trust in self

  • Promotes a sense of freedom, well being, bonding & togetherness within the group

  • Recommended for those who want to live life fully!!.

Curriculum for 2 day module

  • Awakening the body (2hrs): The stress of modern urban living, often results in a blunting of awareness. We have masked, armored & chained our bodies into unnatural ways of being, & are so busy polishing & decorating these masks & chains, that we have lost touch with our core, human self !!
    This session helps us to get back in touch with our bodies, & sharpen our sensations.

  • The subtle body system (2hrs): An introduction to the human energy field, with exercises, music, & movements that facilitate awareness of the different layers of our physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies.

  • Transactional Analysis (2hrs): This session will help to enhance self- awareness & interpersonal communication skills. An introduction to the basic concepts of transactional analysis. A study of psychological games, & destructive patterns that block energy & prevent healthy growth.
    Techniques & tools for healing.

  • Who is in? (2 hrs): A highly structured session, that leads participants into an inner search for self, using the Zen Koan-who is in? A wonderful, centering process. Cathartic meditation 2 hrs. A session for emotional clearing. Using breath, dance, voice, & psychodrama, the participants reach, & release, emotions trapped deep within the psyche, which are causing havoc in the system. Facilitates deep relaxation, & a sense of freedom & alertness.

  • Scripts (2 hrs): This is an intense session that helps participants to understand how their lives follow a pre- determined script, composed by themselves in early childhood. An exploration, & healing, of the inner wounded child.

Each of the above is also available as a two hour experiential module.