These consist of a series of transformational workshops, designed to trigger the process of taking responsibility for your life, your work, your relationships, your health and happiness.

They provide an opportunity to step out a little more beyond your familiar pathways, on a journey toward healing and wholeness; a "magical" blend of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Metaphysics, Meditation, and Creative Visualization.

The concepts are ancient, yet new - at once both mystical & scientific. Brought together in a practical, usable form, to assist you in redefining and co-creating your reality.

How these workshops will aid you in you life & work will depend on you. You may choose to treat them as interesting learning experiences, or transcend your limitations, & emerge transformed !!

I respect your ability to choose what works for you, and welcome you as a fellow traveler on this journey.


Total Quality Living

Stress Buster

Working Solutions

What Would a Sufi Do at Work

Experiential Lab

After EQ - What?