"AKHALDANS" is a healing centre created for those who wish to invite wholeness, wellness, and meaning, into their lives.

It has been established by Akash Dharmaraj, a Clinical Psychologist, Transactional Analyst, and practicing Psychotherapist.

It is not about "self improvement" but about healing what needs to be healed, & being all that you have the potential to be…

Working with people over the past thirty years, Akash has understood the depth of body mind connections and builds healing systems around individuals and groups. She is a Reiki Master & Practitioner, has trained in Sufi dance and meditation practices as well as an instructor in Gurdjieff Sacred dances and Fourth Way Techniques. As a result, along with clinical methods of analysis, her therapeutic interventions include crystals, essential oils, colours, meditations, and traditional chakra healing systems, music, movements and dances.

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The name of this school is a name that was used by Gurdjieff (in his book, Beelzebub's tales to his Grandson,) to describe a society of people, who were "striving to become aware of the sense and aim of the being of beings"

Akash tells a story about how she found this name.

"The name has a special significance for me…

I stumbled across this name while reading Beelzebubs tales to his grandson. I was, at that time, searching for a name to replace the existing name of this organization. My name is Akash. As I looked at the word, Akhaldans, I saw that it contained my name, and further exploration revealed that AKHALDANS was an anagram of AKASH LAND !! Magical !!

I needed to look no further… and Akhaldans was born.

In the book, Akhaldans were wise people who lived on the continent of Atlantis, and accumulated a wealth of knowledge & deep understanding about the functioning of the universe, and the Being of human beings. They established scientific methods of searching for the truth. All this was lost when Atlantis vanished under the ocean.

To be an Akhaldan, today, means to continue this search…"

At AKHALDANS, a variety of group, and individual, processes, are available, to support you in your search. The programs offered are a blend of ancient healing systems, and modern psycho-technology, brought together in simple experiential formats.